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Wildlife Calendar

Significant annual dates are noted below.

  September October November December January February March April May
Gentoo Penguin
Adults return to Falklands to begin building nests
Egg laying 3rd week Oct (highly variable +/- 3 wks)
Incubation 34-36 days
Hatch early Dec & parents broodguard 25 days
Early Jan start to crèche at age 25-30 days
Both parents forage for food for chick Some chicks may fledge mid Feb
Main fledge starts early Mar at 14 wks old
Adults begin annual moult (15-20 days) from late March
Up to 50% of Gentoos remain in the Falklands over the winter
Magellanic Penguin
Adults return to Falkland Islands
Eggs laid mid-October
Incubation 35 – 40 days
Hatch 2nd week of Dec
Chicks leave burrows
Chicks fledge mid March. Adults moult in March
Migrate north along the
S.American coast
Rockhopper Penguin
Males return early Oct and females 1 week later
Eggs laid 1st week Nov Incubation 32-34 days
Hatch early Dec & parents broodguard 24 –26 days
Chicks crèche
Late Feb chicks fledge at 65 –75 days old
Chicks fledge early March. Adults forage & return to colony to moult
Moult late Mar & Apr. (20-25 days) Depart mid Apr.
Disperse northwards on shelf
King Penguin
*** 18-month breeding cycle ***
Large/small chicks & eggs at various stages simultaneously
1st peak adult moult. Majority previous years chicks depart Nov/Dec
2nd peak adult moult. Eggs laid mid Nov – mid March
50 day incubation
First chicks hatch late Jan / Feb
May – August chicks may be fed only 3X & lose up to 50% of their weight
Black-browed Albatross
Males return late Sep
Females return early Oct
Eggs laid mid Oct
Incubation 70 days
Eggs hatch late Dec & parents
broodguard chick for approx. 25 days
Broodguard continues until mid Jan
Both adults provision the chick
Both adults provision the chick
Chicks fledge mid/late Apr at 122 days old
Juveniles disperse north & return to colony to breed at 7 yrs.
Southern Giant Petrel
Return late Sep to colonies
Egg laying mid Oct – early Nov
Incubation 60 days
Chicks fledge late March
Rock Shag
Nest building commences late Sep
Eggs laid
Chicks fledge Jan/Feb
Chicks fledge Jan/Feb
White-tufted Grebe
Nest building commences late Sep
Eggs laid up until late Dec
Chicks fledge Jan/Feb
Chicks fledge Jan/Feb
Black-necked Swan
Breeding early/mid Sep Can start early Aug
ncubation 35 days & hatch Oct
Chicks fledge at 3 mths
Yellow-billed Teal
Egg laying starts mid Aug
Double brooding is possible
Young observed as late as Apr
Red-backed Hawk & Turkey Vulture
Nesting can commence in Sep but more commonly Oct
Incubation 45 – 50 days
Young fledge Jan
  September October November December January February March April May

Antarctica & South Georgia