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Tour - Day Trips from Stanley

Battlefied Tours

Stanley Mountains (half-day or full-day tour)

Visit some of the mountain sites (Tumbledown, William, Harriet and Two Sisters) that became household names during the 1982 conflict between Britain and Argentina, before moving onto Fitzroy to see the memorials to the troops lost in the bombing of the British logistic ship Sir Galahad and Sir Tristram. This tour includes the chance to see several air crash sites. This tour is largely by vehicle but can be adapted to suit all levels of hiking/climbing ability if desired.

San Carlos & Goose Green (full-day tour)

Combine a visit to both the British and Argentine cemeteries with a trip to the battlefields around the Darwin area, including memorials.

Wildlife Trips 

Cape Bougainville

Full-day guided excursion in 4x4 vehicle to the scenic, and relatively unexplored north coast of Salvador (Gibraltar Station), East Falkland. A large rookery of Rockhopper penguins, mixed with King cormorants and the odd Macaroni penguin, is concentrated on a small point only a few minutes walk from the parking area. A growing colony of Southern sea lions nestling in the tussac grass is an added bonus for the visitor.

Cape Dolphin

A 4-hour drive takes you to the far side of and the most northerly point of East Falkland. This designated wildlife sanctuary is home to both Gentoo and Magellanic penguins, as well as King and Rock cormorants. A small colony of southern sea lions can be found breeding right on the tip of the Cape, but perhaps one of the areas main attractions is the abundance of waterfowl, including Black-necked swans and Yellow-billed pintails, found on the ponds.

Long Island

This 23,000 acre privately owned sheep farm lies on the south shores of Berkeley Sound approximately 20 miles (a one and a half hour drive) from Stanley. The Rockhopper penguin and King cormorant colonies are the first stop, whilst on the return journey we will take a short detour to the Gentoo and Magellanic penguin colonies. The off-road section of this trip offers fantastic views from the Long Island Mountains across East Falkland.

Pleasant Roads

An opportunity to see Elephant seals on mainland East Falkland. Just over two hours drive from Stanley (about an hour and a quarter off-road) lies Kelp Point and Pleasant Roads - potentially the second best site in the Falklands for viewing the lumbering Elephant Seal. Queen of Falklands Fritillary butterfly enjoying larges patches of Falklands lavender join a host of other wildlife including Gentoos penguins, swans, and Ruddy headed geese.

Volunteer Point

Full-day guided excursion in 4x4 vehicle. Approximately a 2¼ hour drive will get you to the white sandy beach and turquoise waters of Volunteer Point, a destination with almost a Caribbeanesque feel to it, but the King, Gentoo and Magellanic penguins will bring you back to the Falklands. In addition to the largest accessible King penguin colony in the Islands there is a host of other wildlife to be seen along the beach and on the lagoons, as well as spectacular scenery as you traverse the north of East Falkland. Alternatively enjoy the superb photographic opportunities that the tranquillity and great light that the evening and early morning will provide at Volunteer Point … basic full board accommodation is available at the Wardens Cottage for individual and very small groups allowing visitors to overnight at Volunteer Point.

Bull Point (2 night trip)

This relatively unexplored destination gives the visitor a chance to see the Southern elephant seal. From your base in a self-catering cottage at North Arm settlement, a 2-hour drive takes you to Bull Point, the most southeasterly tip of East Falkland mainland. En route you will learn about Falklands farming tradition as you pass close by two shepherds’ houses (now converted to self-catering tourist accommodation). It is recommended that this tour be taken as a two-night stop at North Arm with a guide. 

Kidney Cove Standard Tour (approx 3 hours)

A 20-minute launch trip through the harbour to Sparrow Cove providing great photo opportunities as you look back at the colourful rooftops of Stanley. From Sparrow Cove it is about a 30-minute overland transfer to the Gentoo penguin colonies on the grassy banks of Kidney Cove. One of these small colonies is also home to a small group of King penguins, and Magellanic penguins also breed on the drier slopes behind Kidney and Mine Coves. Other wildlife to look out for is Red-backed hawks, Falkland skuas, Upland geese and the Falkland Flightless steamer ducks. Extended Tour (between 4 & 6 hours) - as above, but extended to include the Rockhopper colony further along the coast, which also offers spectacular views towards Volunteer Point. The length of this trip is tailored to suit the client and the weather.

Tour - Day Trips from Stanley
Tour - Day Trips from Stanley
Tour - Day Trips from Stanley
Tour - Day Trips from Stanley
Tour - Day Trips from Stanley
Tour - Day Trips from Stanley

St Helena


Antarctica & South Georgia

Day Trips from Stanley