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Tour - Overnight Tour

You will be part of an unforgettable experience that will take you to one of the farthest points on Earth. It is the coldest, highest, windiest, driest and least populated continent. A continent that has been completely sunk by ice and which has not only shaped its topography but has also influenced its evolution. This place is one of the only places on Earth that is still pristine. That is why, therefore, it has become an important reserve for the biosphere. Its unique beauty contrasting with its extreme weather conditions, make it an exotic and enchanting destination for all those privileged travellers who are planning a visit to the end of the world. Antarctica is an ecological wonder that mesmerizes explorers, scientists and travellers. On our aircraft you will fly over the Magellan Straits, Tierra del Fuego Island, Darwin Mountain Range, the mythical Cape Horn and the Drake Passage. Finally arriving at King George Island, gateway to the white continent, where most of the Antarctic scientific bases are located. Here you can also find the Chilean village "Villa Las Estrellas", where several Chilean families live all year round. You will visit the impressive landscapes of the white continent, see part of its wildlife and experience the daily life of men populating this territory in the name of science and investigation.

  • Transfer from the hotel to Punta Arenas Airport to board the DAP plane. Your destination is King George Island (Antarctica)
  • On arrival, you will be welcomed by our Antarctic expert tour guide, who will take you on a tour visiting the following venues:
  • Villa Las Estrellas (First settlement inhabited by civilians)
  • Visit the Drake Passage area, where we will observe a colony of different seals along the beach
  • Lunch or a snack depending on the place and time of arrival
  • Navigation on a zodiac boat to Ardley Island to visit some penguin colonies
  • Navigation to Collins Glacier
  • Passengers will be taken to the Ice Camp based on Collins glacier, located about 5kms (6 miles) from the runway, where you will stay overnight. This Ice Camp includes a Thermic tent (module) as a dining room for the whole group, one special tent as a basic toilette and different small thermic and special tents (small modules) for two people each one, to spend the night
  • Walk to the "Elefanteras" (sea elephant colony), located in the Drake Passage Area
  • Visit a Scientific Station
  • It is also possible to visit other tourist attractions, depending on the weather conditions, before returning to Punta Arenas

The whole program, which includes accommodation, visits, walks and navigations, is subject to weather conditions, and this may change the order of the tour and the total hours of stay.

Note 1: Meals and beverages are included in all our programs. Please, let us know in advance if you have any special meal requirements.
Note 2: At the time of the booking, please provide us with your full name, passport number, date of birth and nationality.
Note 3: At the time of booking, please provide your shoe size in case we need to provide you with Wellington boots on the tour.

Suggested Clothing

Pants cover and windbreaker.
Gloves and hats.
Trekking shoes (or similar waterproof shoes).
2 additional pairs of warm socks.


We recommend you take a spare set of batteries for your camera.

Terms & Conditions

King George Island is located at the northern end of the Antarctic Peninsula. This is one of the most remote places on Earth; therefore, it is hard to reach. This unique and fascinating destination presents special challenges; it is difficult to find modern life comforts and the weather is highly unpredictable. The Antarctica Overnight Tour is a safe program, developed by high level professionals with over 20 years of experience in the Antarctic. However, on King George Island there are no hospitals or emergency units and therefore DAP Antarctica requires passengers to have appropriate insurance in place that includes medical evacuation.

To land safely, a clear sky with perfect visibility is required, that is why in many cases trips need to be postponed while waiting for adequate weather conditions or improvement in the landing strip. That is why having a tight schedule to do your Antarctic program it is not advisable, delays of several days must be anticipated. DAP strongly suggests that on scheduling, you consider at least a four day window to gain some flexibility. Also, a changeable air ticket for your trip back home would be a good idea to provide rescheduling flexibility.

Charter flights into Antarctica take two and a half hours. First crossing the Darwin Mountain Range, then the mystic Cape Horn, the Drake Passage and finally arriving at King George Island in the Antarctic Peninsula. Information on weather conditions is checked via Satellite at all times before departure and during the flight. Each Antarctic Program signifies a lot of work on behalf of DAP's personnel as everything has to be well coordinated, several phone calls have to be made, Antarctic permissions are required and other expenses are involved in the planning for each King George Island Program. That is why DAP's Refund Policy must be strictly respected. DAP knows how disappointing it is for travellers if they are forced to abandon their trip, that is why DAP strongly advices that all passengers carefully read these Terms and Conditions and purchase a trip cancellation and interruption insurance as protection against an emergency which may force them to cancel or leave the program while it is in progress.

Reservation and Payment

A minimum of 6 passengers are required for the King Air aircraft. If you are an individual passenger or a couple we can coordinate your trip on a date with other passengers so that the minimum of 6 passengers is accomplished.

To make a booking you must prepay 50% of the total cost.

The reservation will be confirmed once the initial payment is effective. The program must be fully paid at least 30 days prior to the departure date.

If payment has not been received according to these Terms and Conditions, DAP reserves the right to cancel the reservation, unless a change in the payment schedule has been agreed upon.

Cancellation and Changes of Itineraries

DAP operations and services depend highly on weather conditions, so changes to the itinerary may occur, which is not a DAP responsibility. Such rescheduling does not constitute a cancellation by DAP. Travellers are advised to schedule a 4 days window in the city of Punta Arenas when planning their Antarctic visit, to take the tour in case of bad weather conditions that might postpone the program. If the client cannot or does not want to wait for those 4 days and has or wants to leave before, DAP will consider this as a client's cancellation.

DAP reserves the right to cancel the program for any reason whatsoever, including too few participants or logistical problems caused by any circumstances beyond DAP`s control. In the event of cancellation by DAP, the money will be refunded.

DAP is not responsible for any expenses incurred by the client or client's booking agents in the process of preparing for the trip or as a result of its cancellation, including airline tickets, accommodations, special clothing, food, visa, passport fees or other related expenses.

Penalties and Refunds

In the case of a client's cancellation, the following penalties will apply:

  • Cancellations 30 days prior to departure, the initial payment of 50% will be fully retained.
  • Cancellation from day 29 through to 0 days before departure, 75% of the total value would be retained.

In the case of cancellation by DAP, payment received will be fully reimbursed. In the event of cancellations due to force majeure or adverse weather conditions, the amount paid will be reimbursed except for the non-refundable fee of 10%. DAP considers a flight cancelled because of bad weather conditions once 4 full days have passed since the date of the original schedule, and the service has not been provided. DAP`s staff, crew and representatives, other than official Managers, are not entitled to promise refunds and DAP will not be bound to such promises.

Authority during flight and on the Ground

On board a DAP flight, everybody is required to respect the authority of the captain and comply with his instructions. During field trips, guides have the same authority. DAP's Guides and aircraft pilots are the leaders during the programs. Your signature signifies your acceptance of the leader's authority to make decisions affecting the group or individuals. The leader may require an individual to leave the group if he/she believes the person's health is at risk; if an illegal act is committed; or their behaviour becomes detrimental to the safety, enjoyment or well-being of the group.


DAP declares that their insurance of civil liability covers all passengers against risks while they are on the airplane and when boarding or disembarking via the stairs. Therefore, all passengers must have the necessary insurance to cover civil liability derived from any injuries or illnesses that they may sustain while being outside the plane. Likewise, the passenger must have rescue insurance that covers a potential evacuation from Antarctica by air. The parties involved consider it essential that all passengers have the insurance mentioned above.

Please be aware that there are known and unknown hazards involved in Antarctica trips, which you accept voluntarily and at your own risk. DAP will not be held responsible for any illness, injury or death sustained during the program. That is why DAP strongly encourages you to check with your insurance agent to make sure you are adequately covered for all contingencies, including medical evacuation.

This agreement and any dispute here under shall be governed in accordance with the laws of Chile.

Upon deposit of a part or full payment of any of DAP`s programs, the undersigned confirms that he/she has read and understood these terms and conditions which he/she accepts and is bound to them and will be binding on his/hers heirs, next of kin, executors, administrators and successors.

This is the entire understanding between the signer and DAP, and cannot be modified without the consent of both parties.

Please contact us for available dates and a quotation.

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Tour - Overnight Tour
Tour - Overnight Tour
Tour - Overnight Tour
Tour - Overnight Tour
Tour - Overnight Tour

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