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Tour - Arqueological Tour Tulor and Quitor

Half-day excursion (approx 5 hours). On this tour, discover the wealth of the Atacama culture or Likan Antai and obtain valuable information as to who they were and how people lived in this area since pre-Columbian times until the colonization. Depart from your hotel in San Pedro de Atacama towards one of the most important arqueological sites of the area. Visit Pukará de Quitor, a Pre-Hispanic stone fortress constructed by the indigenous that dates back to the 17th century. Today it represents an arqueological monument and its great historical importance lies in the “Battle of Quitor”, where one of the first clashes between the Spanish conquistadores and the indigenous took place. Next, learn about what is known as the “Culture of San Pedro” at the village of Tulor. Despite it's age it has been well preserved thanks to the natural conditions of the place. This ancient construction is probably the first settlement of the Atacama Salt Flat. Finally, visit the Church of San Pedro. After this last stop, return to your hotel in San Pedro de Atacama. Distance travelled 24 miles / 38km.

Wear a hat, comfortable shoes and clothing, use sun block, sun glasses, and drink mineral water. 

Tour - Arqueological Tour Tulor and Quitor

St Helena


Antarctica & South Georgia

Arqueological Tour Tulor and Quitor