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Highlight - Falkland Islands to Cape Town

Silver Explorer

Silversea's purpose-built luxury Silver Explorer expedition cruise ship has been designed specifically for navigating waters in some of the world's most remote destinations, including both of earth's polar regions. A strengthened hull with a Lloyd's Register ice-class notation (1A) for passenger vessels enables the Silver Explorer Expedition Cruise Ship to safely push through ice floes with ease. A fleet of Zodiac boats allows Silversea Expedition guests to visit even the most off-the-beaten path locations and an expert Expedition Team provides insight and understanding to each unforgettable Silver Explorer luxury cruise adventure.

CREW 117
TONNAGE 6,072 tons


Date Day Port Arrive Depart
11th March 2015 Wednesday Stanley 08:30 16:00
12th March 2015 Thursday Day at Sea    
13th March 2015 Friday Day at Sea    
14th March 2015 Saturday South Georgia 09:00  
15th March 2015 Sunday South Georgia    
16th March 2015 Monday South Georgia    
17th March 2015 Tuesday South Georgia    
18th March 2015 Wednesday South Georgia 12:00  
19th March 2015 Thursday Day at Sea    
20th March 2015 Friday Day at Sea    
21st March 2015 Saturday Day at Sea    
22nd March 2015 Sunday Day at Sea    
23rd March 2015 Monday Tristan de Cunha 12:30 22:00  
24th March 2015 Tuesday Nightingale Island 08:00 16:00  
25th March 2015 Wednesday Day at Sea    
26th March 2015 Thursday Day at Sea    
27th March 2015 Friday Day at Sea    
28th March 2015 Saturday Day at Sea    
29th March 2015 Sunday Cape Town 19:30  
30th March 2015 Monday Cape Town    
31st March 2015 Sunday Cape Town    

On this cruise, discover a captivating collection of isles at the bottom of the world. The Falklands feel like a charming British village, Nightingale Island is said to be home to a pirate treasure, and South Georgia is home to countless tales of Antarctic exploration. Among the many adventures you will have here, enjoy Zodiac excursions to discover the wildlife, including seals, penguins, albatrosses and more.

Expedition Highlights:

  • Follow in the footsteps of great Antarctic explorers
  • See snow-covered mountains, mighty glaciers and spectacular iceberg sculptures
  • Encounter Magellanic, Rockhopper, Gentoo, Macaroni, King, Adelie, and African (Jackass) Penguins
  • Watch for sea lions, seals, dolphins, and whales
  • Identify seabirds including albatross, shearwaters and petrels
  • Discover historic sites of the early explorers and the remains of whaling operations
  • Visit the most remote inhabited archipelago in the world
  • Marvel at the dramatic views from South Africa's Cape Point or Table Mountain.

Day 1: Stanley, Falkland Islands
Embark Silver Explorer and meet some of your fellow travellers as you become acquainted with the luxurious amenities found on board.

Days 2-3: At Sea Binoculars and camera in hand, head out on deck to watch for seabirds and whales. Attend informative lectures that will prepare you for the upcoming ports-of-call and the adventures that South Georgia might bring. Peruse an array of titles and topics in the well-stocked Library, enjoy the finest cigars and cognacs at the Connoisseur's Corner or indulge in any of the other special amenities offered aboard ship.

Days 4-7: South Georgia This breath-taking destination of towering snow-covered mountains, mighty glaciers, and low-lying grasslands attracts an astounding concentration of wildlife: Southern fur seals, southern elephant seals and a variety of albatross species including Black-browed, Light-mantled Sooty, Grey-headed and the spectacular Wandering Albatross, plus thousands of King and Macaroni Penguins.

South Georgia is also linked to the early Antarctic explorers. Captain James Cook first stepped ashore in 1775, but perhaps more famous is Ernest Shackleton's arrival in 1916 following the sinking of his ship, the Endurance. Visit Shackleton's grave and the whaling museum at Grytviken. Here are some of the places we may visit:

Cooper Bay

  • An unforgettable view of huge icebergs can be seen surrounding Cooper's Bay as we approach.
  • Go ashore by Zodiac to see numerous breeds of penguins, such as Macaroni and Chinstrap Penguins, on the rocks and waters surrounding the island.

Gold Harbour

  • A large King Penguin colony can be found between Weddell Glacier and Gold Harbour.
  • Seals can be seen resting on ice floes and sunning on the beaches.


  • A historic whaling station with the remains of the rusted hulls of long abandoned whalers.
  • At the museum guests can learn about past whaling techniques and view various exhibits on exploration and discovery.
  • At the burial site of the famous explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton, we will toast the great explorer and his many accomplishments.

Salisbury Plain

  • A favourite breeding ground for hundreds of thousands of King Penguins. It is amazing to see how they completely cover the beaches and hills.
  • In early March, we may also be able to watch adorable seal pups at play.

Days 8-12: At Sea As we cross the southern Atlantic, leisurely days at sea are yours to enjoy. Participate in discussions and on-board activities led by the Expedition Team. Relax in one of the lounges with that book you've been meaning to read, and meet up with new friends for cocktails. Before turning in for the night, take a stroll on deck to take in the solitude of the vast sea and sky.

Days 13-14: Tristan da Cunha, UK We will watch for whales in the surrounding waters as we approach the volcanic Tristan da Cunha island group. Recognised as the most remote inhabited archipelago in the world, its closest neighbouring landmass is the island of St. Helena some 2,430 km away. The main island is home to fewer than 300 hardy residents. Today we enjoy guided walks with the local inhabitants of the village while our on-board geologist will lead a walk to the 1961 volcanic cone and lava flow. Learn how the islanders were evacuated and how it affected their lives. Once at the top, we will have a beautiful scenic view of the whole settlement - a photo opportunity not to be missed. We will meet with some of the island children and hear what Tristan life is like through their eyes during our visit to St Mary's School. Our on-board ornithologist will point out birdlife, hopefully including the Atlantic Yellow-nosed Albatross, Sooty Albatross, Tristan Thrush, and Tristan Albatross - a critically endangered species with fewer than 1,500 breeding pairs left in the world. Tristan is also where 90% of the world's northern Rockhopper Penguins come to breed.

Weather permitting, we hope to land on either the uninhabited Nightingale Islands or Inaccessible Island, a protected wildlife reserve and World Heritage Site. You will see the most magnificent wildlife, flora and fauna all unspoilt by people.

All guests will receive a certificate verifying that they have indeed visited this extremely remote world destination.

Days 15-18: At Sea Enjoy a variety of on-board activities. Our days at sea are filled with educational lectures and interesting entertainment options. All accommodations feature an interactive television system allowing you to watch your choice of movies or documentary films and even broadcasts from The Theater in the comfort and privacy of your suite or stateroom.

Days 19-21: Cape Town, South Africa Arriving in the early evening on Day 19 (29 March) you are free to enjoy the unique opportunity to explore the vibrant V & A Waterfront in Cape Town Harbour on your own.

For our first full day in Cape Town, we begin with a scenic drive along the Atlantic seaboard towards Cape Point - the most south-westerly tip of Africa and the meeting point of the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans. At the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve we will enjoy a guided walk through the reserve accompanied by a botany specialist. The reserve occupies 7,750 ha of indigenous flora and fauna, as well as Cape Point with its dramatic sea cliffs. A funicular railway will take us to the top of the point, where we can take in the breath-taking views. Following lunch, pay a visit to the African Penguin Colony at Boulders Beach before continuing on our scenic route back to the quayside.

Alternatively you can join your Expedition Team and local guides for a visit to the top of Cape Town's world famous Table Mountain. We will ascend from the Valley Station (363 m) to the Mountain Station (1,060 m) in a Swiss engineered Rotair cable car. The journey from the base to the summit takes just under 4 minutes and one can enjoy spectacular views, as the floor of the car rotates 360 degrees during the ascent and descent. Table Mountain gets her name from the flat topped central massif of the mountain, which viewed from the city, is surrounded by Devil's Peak on the left, Lion's Head on the right and Signal Hill in the foreground.

After breakfast on Tuesday, 31 March, disembark Silver Explorer.

Included in this cruise

  • Personalised service - the best crew-to-guest ratio in expedition cruising
  • Butler service in every suite - all guests are pampered equally
  • Open-seating dining options - dine when and with whomever you please
  • Beverages in-suite and throughout the ship - select wines, premium spirits, specialty coffees and soft drinks, plus your own tailored mini-bar
  • In-suite dining and room service - available 24 hours aboard Silver Explorer
  • Enrichment lectures by a highly qualified Expeditions Team
  • Guided Zodiac, land and sea tours, and shore side activities led by the Expeditions Team
  • Gratuities always included in your fare.
Highlight - Falkland Islands to Cape Town
Highlight - Falkland Islands to Cape Town
Highlight - Falkland Islands to Cape Town

St Helena


Antarctica & South Georgia

Falkland Islands to Cape Town