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Destination - Weddell Island

Out to the south west of the Falkland Islands lies the third largest island of the Falklands archipelago. Weddell Island is named after James Weddell, the Antarctic explorer.

John Hamilton, one time owner of the island, imported many exotic animals to Weddell and neighbouring Beaver and Staats Islands. The only definite remnants of this experiment are the Patagonian foxes on Weddell Island and the guanaco on Staats, although it is also believed that Fuegian otters may also have survived in small numbers.

Despite the introduced animals, Weddell Island still has abundant wildlife and is home to the ubiquitous Gentoo and Magellanic penguins, skuas, night herons, striated caracaras and giant petrels. Elephant seals and sea lions can also be seen at the Loop Head area at the north-eastern corner of the island.

On Weddell Island rare plants and wild flowers exist in profusion and the island is home to over 100 flowering plant species including some endemic ones.

This is a great destination for those wishing to visit some of the more remote islands in the Falklands and to avoid the mainstream tourist destinations. You are assured of a warm welcome.

The best wildlife site is Loop Head at the northeast corner of the island. This is where you will find Magellanic and Gentoo penguins and it is also where sea lions and elephant seals come ashore. Hikers will enjoy the rugged cliff scenery along the southeast coast or the superb views across the island from the summit of Mt Weddell (1150ft, 383m).


Hamilton Cottage (maximum 2 guests)

Sea View Cottage (maximum 4 guests)

Mountain View Cottage (maximum 8 guests)

All cottages are fully equipped for self-catering. A fully catered option is also available.


A complimentary half-day tour of the Loop Head Nature Reserve is included for groups of 4 or less, minimum stay 2 nights.


Images courtesy Nicola Granger

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Weddell Island