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Destination - The Amazon


This city stands on the west bank of the Amazon River. This jungle city’s first economic book came from the rubber exploitation in the in the late XIX and XX century. The legacy from the rubber era can still be appreciated in the architecture of the city and its elegant mansions among the extravagant Iron House, deigned by Eiffel. Iquitos is the main access to the Biosphere Reserves which are sources for scientific research and eco-tourism development.


Two major rivers run and meet in this capital city of Madre de Dios. Puerto Maldonado provides easy access to the Tambopata National Reserve. The evergreen pristine rainforest with exotic plants, Mauritia palm swamps, oxbow lakes, an abundance of colourful birds, butterflies, dragonflies, alligators, giant otters, turtles, frogs, monkeys and other animals of the Peruvian Jungle await anyone who loves nature and wants to preserve it for future generations!


One of the largest conservation forces on earth is the Manu Biosphere Reserve. It encompasses the total drainage of the Manu River. In this South-eastern jungle of Peru, in incomparable diversity of life is found; jaguars, pumas, otters, tapirs, ocelots, monkeys, over 850 species of birds and all kinds of insects. Anthropologists, biologists, scientific researchers and of course indigenous people, all play an important role in the Reserve’s programs.




napo wildlife centre

sacha lounge

explorama lodge

sandoval lake lodge

eco-amazonia lodge

muyuna lodge

inkaterra reserva amazonica lodge


Iquitos - Pacaya Samiria River Cruise 4 days

Iquitos - Pacaya Samiria River Cruise 5 days

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