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Destination - Skiing

With a vast choice of excellent ski centres, some just one hour from Santiago, Chile’s ski destinations are popular during the winter months with visitors from all over the world. Let us take you there…

Skiing in Chile, and in all of South America, began with the building of the Trans-Andean railway from Valparaiso to Buenos Aires around the turn of the century. As no roads accessed Uspallata pass, near the present-day resort of Portillo, the Norwegian and British engineers and workers contracted to build the railway were forced to ascend (and descend!) on skis. In the 1930's, the first ski clubs in Chile constructed mountain refugios (refuges), and by 1946 Portillo could boast the continent's first chairlift. Skiing spread quickly throughout the country, though operations remained modest until the 1980's, when a number of Chilean ski resorts improved lifts, services, and other infrastructure to world-class levels.

As always in Chile, conditions from north to south vary dramatically. The ski areas in Central Chile are the highest and best equipped, and though their seasons are normally shorter than areas in the south, the snow is lighter and the skies more consistently sunny. To the south, the Andes gradually lose height, and the snow which falls upon the southern volcanoes resembles that of the Pacific Northwest. The ski areas listed here offer a wide range of services, including a range of accommodations and dining, ski rentals and lessons, snowboard parks, childcare, ice skating, and so on. As a general rule, the season here lasts from late June to early October, though conditions vary greatly from year to year.

We can offer for all destinations a choice of private or shared (with schedule times) transfers to/from the ski centre along with pre-paid ski rental (some centres only available locally), lessons, ski lift tickets and programs with pre and post ski centre hotels in the appropriate city. Please contact us for prevailing rates and availability or more information. We would recommend booking as far in advance as possible as space is sometimes difficult with bookings made close to departure.

Chile Ski Centres:

Valle Nevado Ski Centre
Valle Nevado Ski Centre Profile
Distance from Santiago 60 km :: Ski surface 158 hectares :: Maximum height 3670 m.a.s.l. :: Minimum height 2860 m.a.s.l. :: Height in which hotel is located 3025 m.a.s.l. :: Vertical unevenness 810 metres : :Longest slope 3,000 metres :: Shortest slope 1,000 metres :: Number of slopes 39 :: Number of ski lifts 11

Slope Levels
Beginners 12% :: Intermediates 29% :: Advanced 41% :: Experienced 18% :: Snowboard capacity - Yes :: Equipment hire - Yes

Hotels Valle Nevado - a place of charm and comfort
Three comfortable hotels welcome you, each with its own style. All conveniently located within the mountain complex.
For information on this hotel, please follow the Hotels link at the top of this page.

Apartments creating a mountain village :: The unrivalled characteristics of Valle Nevado for skiing and potential for development made the decision to create a true mountain village a clear choice. In 2001, the decision was made to build Valle de Sol, the first condominium which gave a clear sign in regards to the high standards of planning and technical excellence with which the development of the Mountain Village would take place. They are now launching Valle de la Luna, Valle del Sol’s twin, both respectfully integrated into the mountain scenery with world class architectural design destined to be a place of relaxation, recreation and a getaway from the city life year round.

For more information on each of these hotels, please follow the Hotels link at the top of this page

Ski Portillo
Portillo Ski Centre Profile

Distance from Santiago: 160 km :: Ski surface: 500 hectares :: Maximum height: 3322 m.a.s.l. :: Minimum height: 2700 m.a.s.l. :: Height in which hotel is located: 2880 m.a.s.l. :: Vertical unevenness: 762 metres :: Longest slope: 2456 metres :: Shortest slope: 700 metres :: Number of slopes: 34 :: Number of ski lifts: 12

Slope Levels
Beginners: 10% :: Intermediates: 35% :: Advanced: 35% :: Experienced: 20% :: Snowboard capacity: - Yes :: Equipment hire - Yes

Portillo is one of the most unique ski resorts in the world. Why? Because Portillo offers extraordinary terrain, breathtaking surroundings and an abundance of amenities and indoor activities – to just 450 guests. As other ski resorts become bigger and more impersonal, Portillo continues to handcraft its vacations. For more than 50 years, the owners of Portillo have strived to keep the hotel and ski centre small and therefore more intimate, yet with all the modern conveniences guests have come to expect.

Portillo is for everyone: singles, couples, groups of friends and families. In addition to a heated outdoor pool, adults and children can team up for sports in a full-court gymnasium or take an aerobics or yoga class, work out in the weight room, have a massage, watch a movie in the cinema or just kick back on the terrace and admire the sunset. There are plenty of planned activities for children. Portillo also offer special programs such as Chilean Wine Week, Friends & Singles Week and Gastronomic Week.

For more information on each of these hotels, please follow the Hotels link at the top of this page

Farellones & El Colorado
Farellones & El Colorado Ski Centre Profile
Distance from Santiago: 35 km :: Ski surface: 9,000 hectares :: Maximum height: 3333 m.a.s.l. :: Minimum height: 2500 m.a.s.l. :: Height in which hotel is located: 2400 m.a.s.l. :: Vertical unevenness: 903 metres :: Longest slope: 2,200 metres :: Shortest slope: 800 metres :: Number of slopes: 19 :: Number of ski lifts: 18

Slope Levels
Beginners: 50% :: Intermediates: 20% :: Advanced: 20% :: Experienced: 10% :: Snowboard capacity - Yes :: Equipment hire - Yes

Posada de Farellones hotel is found amid Farellones’ single forest, some 2,400 metres above sea level and only 36 km from Santiago. Bearing a privileged location, this hotel offers its guests a handy connection to Chile’s three main ski centres, which, as a whole cover the largest ski area in South America, namely; La Parva, El Colorado Farellones and Valle Nevado. Here skiers will be able to enjoy the majestic view of sky-scraping mountains surrounding the hotel, the most modern ski lifts available in the country and excellent ski tracks, ideal of all kinds of skiers. Daily transfers to La Parva and El Colorado ski centres (10 minutes away) and to the excellent restaurant El Montañes are offered. Their personalised service and warm environment are the hotel’s best assets.

For more information on each of these hotels, please follow the Hotels link at the top of this page

Termas de Chillan Ski & Spa Resort
Termas de Chillan Ski & Spa Resort Ski Centre Profile
Distance from Santiago: 480 km :: Ski surface: 10,000 hectares :: Maximum height: 2700 m.a.s.l. :: Minimum height: 1600 m.a.s.l. :: Height in which hotel is located: 1600 m.a.s.l. :: Vertical unevenness: 1,100 metres :: Longest slope: 11,000 metres :: Shortest slope: 400 metres :: Number of slopes: 35 :: Number of ski lifts: 10

Slope Levels
Beginners: 25% :: Intermediates: 45% :: Advanced: 15% :: Experienced: 15% :: Snowboard capacity -Yes :: Equipment hire - Yes

Located in the 9th region in the south of Chile, between the Villarrica Lake and in the imposing Volcano, of the same name, you will find the Gran Hotel Pucon Resort & Club. Pucon, with it’s unique surroundings and infrastructure it is an attractive and inviting destination. All year round, Pucon is an exciting destination where you can enjoy many outdoor activities. During Winter, Ski and snowboarding are the most important sports and the Gran Hotel Pucon and Pucon Ski Centre invite you to enjoy their excellent infrastructure which meets the highest international standards.

Gran Hotel Pucon Resort and Club
A perfect combination of tradition and high quality service with a modern infrastructure to make your vacation in winter or summer, or in fact any season of the year, a unique experience.

Next to the hotel, you will find 121 fully equipped condominiums belonging to the hotel.
Other facilities include indoor and outdoor swimming pool, gym, squash court, video and play room, childcare and Spa.

For more information on each of these hotels, please follow the Hotels link at the top of this page

St Helena


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