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Destination - Lake District

A land of breathtaking landscapes, the Lakes and Volcanoes district covers three of Chile’s Southern Regions: the “La Araucania” Region, home to the native people (Pucón & Villarrica). The second covers the Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve in Los Ríos Region, this 100.000 hectares natural reserve based its development on three pillars: The conservation of the endemic flora and fauna, local community integration and sustainable tourism. The “Los Lagos” Region, notable for its history of German immigration (Puerto Montt, Puerto Varas & Chiloé).This privileged area is home to numerous lakes, rivers, waterfalls, around one hundred volcanoes (ninety of which are active) and millennia-old native forests. It is set at the northern end by the inland city of Temuco, Valdivia in the middle on the Pacific ocean and Osorno inland. Puerto Montt on the Bay of Reloncavi is at the southern end. From north to south, the Lake District stretches from the Pacific in the east to the Andes mountains. There are twelve major lakes in the district, with dozens more dotting the landscape. Between the lakes there are many rivers, waterfalls, forests, thermal hot springs, and the Andes, including volcanoes with Villarica being the highest at 9,395ft (2,847m). From here you can also reach Bariloche in Argentina either by land or by an unforgettable journey sailing through the lakes of the Andes.

Hotels and Accommodation
Accommodation in the Lake District can range from luxurious 5 * hotels to self catering cabins. Please refer to the links to our hotels pages below.

There are tours to Chiloé Island, volcanoe tours, lake tours and a variety of activity tours. Please refer to the links to our tours and itinerary pages below.

Lake Crossing Chile to Argentina
A one-way or return trip from Chile to Argentina via the lakes and Andes mountains is a spectacular route to travel. Please refer to our itinerary titled Andes Lake Crossing below. 

Best time to travel: October - April. 

Suggested Clothing: Travel light, but pack sturdy, outdoor hiking boots. Take comfortable, layered clothing such as fleeces, t-shirts, swimming gear, long pants and long-sleeved shirts. Include an outdoor warm top for cold nights as well as a warm hat and gloves (during winter). Lip balm, sun-screen and sun glasses. 

Top Places to See: Lakes Route from Pucón to Valdivia (Ruta de los Lagos) - Ojos del Caburga Falls & Caburga Lake (Caburga) - Huerquehue National Park (Pucón) - Villarrica National Park & Lake (Pucón) - Geometric Hot Springs (Coñaripe) - Huilo Huilo Biosphere Reserve (Puerto Fuy) - Llanquihue Lake (Puerto Varas) - Vicente Perez Rosales National Park (Puerto Varas) - German Colonial Museum & Teatro del Lago (Frutillar).

Map of Chile

Car rental Chile


Cumbres Puerto Varas

Bellavista Puerto Varas

Cabana del Lago Puerto Varas

Hacienda Vira Vira

Malalhue Pucon

Nawelpi Lodge Huilo Huilo

Nothofagus Huilo Huilo

Antumalal Pucon

Puyehue Wellness and Spa Resort

Reino Fungi Huilo Huilo

Montana Magica Huilo Huilo

Radisson Puerto Varas

Patagonico Puerto Varas

Club Del Lago Puerto Varas

Natura Patagonia Peulla

Puelche Puerto Varas

Solace Puerto Varas

Casa Kalfu Puerto Varas

Park Inn Puerto Varas

Tierra Chiloe Island

Parque Quilquico Chiloe Island

Palafito 1326 Chiloe Island


Puerto Montt

Frutillar Southern Traditions

Peulla Mountain Village

Osorno Volcano

Ancud and Punihuil Chiloe Island

Castro and Dalcahue Chiloe Island

Geometrical Hot Springs Pucon

Rafting Trancura River Pucon

Sea Kayak Reloncavi Estuary Puerto Varas

Biking Lake Llanquihue Puerto Varas

Canopy Peulla

Jetboat Negro River Peulla

Special Offers

Special Offers


Andes Lake Crossing

See Our Highlights For Lake District

Andean Circuit

Journey to The Glaciers

Antarctica & South Georgia