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Destination - Iguazu Falls

Four times wider than Niagara Falls, the mighty Iguazu Falls are the most overwhelmingly magnificent in all of South America. Surrounded by beautiful subtropical rainforest these falls are one of the most impressive natural wonders of the world. Viewed from below, the tumbling water is majestically beautiful in its setting of begonias, orchirds, ferns and palms. Above, the impact of the water hovers a perpetual high cloud of mist in which the sun creates blazing rainbows. Frequently seen in this area are toucans and parrots along with at least 500 different species of butterflies. The falls can be viewed from both the Argentine and Brazilian sides and we recommend a minimum stay of 2 nights so that you appreciate the area and the see the falls from both sides. If you have time we recommend spending a further two nights in the area so you can stay at Yacutinga Lodge in the middle of the rainforest, with activities learning about the Guarani culture, the bird and plant life.

Suggested Itinerary

Iguazu Falls: 3 days/2 nights

Day 1: Arrive at Iguazu airport and transfer to your hotel. Remainder of the day at leisure to enjoy the falls from the Argentine side. The scenery along the boardwalks is magnificient and allows you to enjoy being close to the experience and the thundering power of the water, especially at Devil’s Throat.

Day 2: Half-day guided tour of the Brazilian Falls walking along the 2 kilometre trail into the gorge with unobstructed and panoramic views of the 275 falls. Other options for this day are: Take a helicopter flight to appreciate the true grandeur of the falls from a new perspective. Alternatively take a safari through Iguassu National Park (Brazilian side) followed by an exhilirating boat journey that takes you close to the thundering falls. Be prepared to get wet!

Day 3: Transfer to Iguazu Airport

With Yacutinga Logde extension:
5 days/4 nights

Day 1 and 2: As shown above.

Day 3: Transfer to Yacutinga Lodge
In the afternoon transfer to Yacutinga Lodge set in pristine rainforest on the Iguazu River. Accommodations are in rustic adobe houses with private bathrooms and hot running water. All meals and activities are included.

Day 4: Yacutinga Lodge
A full day of activities including bird-watching, nature treks, canopy walks and boat trips. Search for fascinating fauna on a photo safari or a night walk. At the end of the day relax by the swimming pool or in a hammock.

Day 5: Transfer to Iguazu Airport

Iguazu Falls Tours - Overview

Full and half day tours available from Iguazu Falls. To read more about featured tours, please follow the link in the "Tours" box, below.

Half Day Argentine Falls
Drive to the Argentine side of the Iguazu National Park and walk the paths that lead along the lush tropical basin of the Devil’s Gorge and over and under the splashing torrents of falling water...

Half Day Brazilian Falls
Journey to the Brazilian side of the Iguazu National Park and continue on foot visiting the Iguazu River canyon with views of the various falls.

Full Day Brazil and Argentine Falls                                                                                                                                                                                                 An escorted walking tour of the Brazilian side of the falls through path footbridges and belvederes strategically built to give tourists the best view, allowing to see each and every fall. Another way reaching the bottom of the falls is by a panoramic elevator. After this visit, transfer to the Parque Nacional de Iguazu in Argentina by a comfortable vehicle crossing the bridge over the Iguassu River and border of Brazil and Argentina. At this stage Customs will be cleared and passports checked. On the Argentinean side a walk of the walkways and footbridges to visit the Devil’s Throat, an unquestionable highlight. A system of walkways cover more than 3 km along the Iguassu River canyon, passing by San Martin island, Dos Hermanos, Bosetti, Adam and Eve falls, among others.

Gran Aventura  

This is a not to be missed tour! (approx 2 hours duration). Going up river in these boats specially prepared to get to the base of Iguassu Falls and to be able to admire and feel them from up close. Whirlpools, waves and currents provoked by the Falls add adrenaline and lots of emotions to this unforgettable tour. In the Iguazu National Park (Argentina), big trucks specially adapted to this tour will take visitors to explore 6 kilometers in the humid subtropical forest as far as the banks of the Iguazu River, downstream from the Falls. From here participants will board special boats that will take them, at high speed, to enjoy one of the most unforgettable experience in the region: the direct and wet contact with the mighty Iguassu Falls! After this incredible emotion participants will get off the boat at the base of the Falls, on catwalk that connects to the lower visitation.

Macuco Safari

Drive along the Macuco Trail in open jeeps for spectacular views of the jungle in all its splendour. Guides will explain some of the stories, marvels and mysteries of the sub-tropical forest surrounded by orchids, bromelias and thousands of butterflies.

Bird Park

This is a pioneer ecoturism park, which is totaly oriented to the environment conservation. 3/4 of the Park is dedicated to envirenmental protection. The park is located 8 km from downtown. From the main entrance a treking of 800 meter inside the forest, passing by aviaries perfectly integrated to the forest. At the Birds Park the visitors can go inside the avaiary, beeing close the birds. The aviaries have, approximately, 630 m2 of area and 8 meters of height. Each aviary represents the "habitat" and "avifauna" of brazilian ecossistems. Inside the aviaries the visitors will enjoy the flight of the birds and its natural behaviors. At the Birds Park there is more than 500 birds of several species from Brazil and other countries, showing the diversity of species in our planet, and the beauty of these lovely birds. The Birds Park, beeing aware of the vulnerability of the birds in the nature, has also a program of reproduction in captivity.


Bird Park

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