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Destination - Falkland Travel Tips

Entry Requirements

1. Immigration proceedings are much as for UK. No visa is required for citizens of the EC, Mercosur, USA or the British Commonwealth wishing to obtain a temporary visitor’s permit. Citizens from other countries should check with their nearest British Consul before travelling.

2. Travellers arriving in the Falklands are required to possess a valid passport. Except in special cases such as seamen travelling to join a specific ship, no other form of identity document will be acceptable.

3. All arriving passengers, who are not resident or legitimately taking up residence in the Falklands must possess a return air ticket or other evidence of prepaid onward travel arrangements.

4. Evidence in the form of cash or major credit card will be required of sufficient funds to cover the expected length of stay in the Islands and at least a further GBP15/USD30 per day to cover food and other expenses.

5. All visitors must have pre-arranged accommodation in the Islands in advance of their arrival.

6. We are proud of our extremely low incidence of drug abuse and the Falkland Islands Government is committed to maintaining a drugs-free environment. Anyone entering the Falklands as a visitor or as a temporary resident/worker who is convicted of a drugs-related offence will be dealt with severely by the authorities and their immigration permit will be revoked.

Airport Information

Mount Pleasant Airport (MPA) is approximately one-hour drive from Stanley, the capital of the Falklands. This airport is a military facility that handles both military and the few commercial flights to the islands. Due to it being a military zone, photography of any nature is prohibited. For airport tax, see below.

Airport Tax

An Embarkation Tax of GBP25 is charged per person departing the Falkland Islands. The embarkation tax is prepaid for northbound MoD flights. For LATAM flights the embarkation tax is payable in cash only at the airport on departure and cannot be included in your ticket. The equivalent in USD and Euro is accepted. Children under 2 years are exempt.

Note: There are no ATMs or money exchange facilities at the airport so please ensure you have sufficient cash in GBP/USD/EURO in advance of leaving Stanley.

Health Information

No vaccinations are required to enter the Falklands from any country. It is essential that prior to your arrival all visitors obtain medical insurance which includes aero-medical evacuation. If you are taking any prescription medicine bring both your prescription and medication with you as replacement medicine might not be readily available. Please pack all medication in your hand luggage for your international flights.

Luggage information On Falkland Islands Government Air Services (FIGAS)

Luggage is restricted to 20 kg (approx. 45 pounds) including hand luggage. Excess can be taken (at a charge of £1.40 per kilo) should weight and space restrictions permit. There are no restrictions on the number of bags you may check-in.


The Falkland pound (1FKP = 1GBP in retail outlets but a small fee is charged by the bank to exchange FKP for GBP); British pounds are universally accepted. Currency exchange and cash back on credit cards are available at the Standard Chartered Bank (open 0830 to 1500 Monday to Friday) in Stanley and Visa/MasterCard are widely accepted in Stanley. US Dollars and Euros are accepted widely in Stanley at the prevailing rate of exchange. US Dollars and Euros are accepted at some destinations outside of Stanley but not all. No South American currencies are accepted or exchanged in the Falklands.

Note: There are no ATM/Automated Cash Facilities in the Falkland Islands, and no foreign cash exchange facilities at the international airport.


The international dialling code for the Falklands is 500. International calls from the Falklands can be made usually from either your hotel/guesthouse, several phone booths located around Stanley, or at Sure, the internet and phone provider to the Falklands located on Ross Road in Stanley. There is only limited mobile phone coverage in the Falklands which presently only covers the top half of East Falkland. SIM cards are available from The West Store supermarket Electrical Department. As the internet is provided via satellite there is no free wifi in the Falklands. There is no internet café; however, several of the hotels /guesthouses in Stanley offer WiFi hotspots or internet at a fee. There are also several public wi-fi hotspots around Stanley. At most outer-lying islands you will be able to purchase a Sure WiFi card in £5 and £10 denominations. Internet in the Falklands is comparatively more expensive and slower than other destinations.


The standard UK 240V 50Hz system operates in the Islands, using square 3 pin plugs.


Average daytime temperatures measured at Mount Pleasant are 15°C in January/February; 4°C in June/July. Average night-time temperatures are 6°C in January/February; 0°C in June/July. The prevailing winds are from the west, and are stronger in the summer than the winter. The Islands are relatively sunny, with average hours of sunshine similar to southern England coastal areas. Average daily sunshine hours range from 7.5 hours in December/January to 2.0 in June/July. Generally it is wetter on the east than the west, with the annual average rainfall at Mount Pleasant being 566mm. The maximum temperature recorded at Mount Pleasant was 29.2°C and the minimum was -9.5°C. All four seasons can be experienced in one day so please pack with a degree of flexibility in mind. All data is supplied by Mount Pleasant Meteorological Office.

Clothing and Accessories

Casual clothing is the order in the Falkland Islands. Travellers should bring clothes similar to those worn in Britain in the spring. Particularly important are a wind & waterproof jacket or anorak with a hood or hat and a stout pair of walking boots or shoes, as you may have to cross some rough ground to see the best wildlife. Sun/wind screen and lip salve are essential when spending time outdoors in the remarkably clear, unpolluted air. Shoes or slippers for indoor use are also useful as it is customary to remove outdoor footwear when entering lodges/houses, particularly in camp (outside of Stanley).

Essentials to bring

Sunscree. Sunglasses with protection against ultraviolet rays. Amenities/Toiletries: such items are not usually provided in hotels, lodges and guesthouses so best to bring your own. These items can be purchased at shops in Stanley but are generally more expensive than in the USA and UK. Binoculars always enhance wildlife watching, a lightweight, compact pair is ideal. Internet facilities are not available at all destinations so we recommend for digital photo downloading that you bring either a hard drive, laptop or sufficient memory cards, although these can be purchased in the Falkland Islands.


While laundry facilities are limited in both Stanley and Camp most destinations will do laundry on request for a small fee.

Food and Drink

A wide variety of food and drink is offered throughout Stanley and Camp, usually British in character, with much use made of organic meat (mutton, lamb, beef, pork) and vegetables. Fish and squid caught in Falkland waters are also well worth trying. Falklands’ local produce can often be identified on menus by the use of Falklands Finest logo: Portions tend to be generous, particularly in Camp, and “smoko” (homemade cakes with tea and coffee) taken in mid morning and mid afternoon. The choice of an English cooked breakfast is usually on offer at lodges and hotels. Tap water is safe to drink, however bottled water is available at most destinations.


Sheep farming is a common way of life (although slowly diminishing) in the Falkland Islands; and there are a variety of woollen and felted items for sale in Stanley, including sweaters, scarves, jewellery and pictures. Look for items brandishing the Falklands Woolmark to be assured that goods are made from luxurious local wool: Postal stationary of the Falkland Islands is much sought after and the Philatelic Bureau (located on Ross Road next to the Post Office) issues stamps for the Falkland Islands, Falkland Islands Dependencies and the British Antarctic Survey. Other items to look out for are books on the Islands, prints and watercolour. Jewellery made with Falklands pebbles and uniquely Falklands jars of diddle-dee jam make great gifts to post or take away with you.


Tipping while not compulsory or expected is appreciated if good service has been given. The bottom line determining whether and how much to tip is to ask yourself how much the individual did to make your travels more enjoyable. 

Falklands Conservation

For information on the birds and mammals of the falkland islands click here.

St Helena


Antarctica & South Georgia