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Destination - Falkland Attractions

The Falklands are synonymous with wildlife holidays and the natural world. The abundance and accessibility (for those who enjoy travelling slightly off the beaten track) of the wildlife, all within its natural environment, have rightly earned us the name “Galapagos of the South”. Here the wildlife comes close to you, stops and take a glance, before waddling on past in total disregard to your presence, or if you stay perfectly still will take a closer look at you than you ever thought possible! Five breeding species of penguin (Magellanic, Gentoo, Rockhopper, Macaroni and King, and the chance of seeing up to seven different species), the world’s largest colonies of Black-browed albatross, the curious and internationally endangered Striated caracara, the endemic Steamer duck, the lumbering but impressive Elephant seal, Sea lions, dolphins and even Killer whales, are just some of the highlights of a Falklands wildlife based holiday.

Military History
Tumbledown, Harriet, Goose Green, San Carlos … all became household names in 1982 during Argentina’s brief occupation of the Falkland Islands. Guided tours of these and other battlefields, and the cemeteries and memorials are a must for anyone with an interest in military history. Darwin (from where you can explore San Carlos and Goose Green), Pebble Island and Port Howard are the destinations to include in an itinerary concentrating on this aspect of the Falklands. Our experienced guides will really bring this subject alive for those with even the vaguest interest. It is easy to combine this particular interest with the Falklands’ other attractions if a more general/mixed interest tour is preferred.

The Falklands are not just about wildlife …. over 160 species of plant have now been identified with 14 of those listed as endemic, making the Falklands a seriously viable destination for a botany based holiday. Despite the obvious lack of trees, there is a wealth of attractive and colourful plants, as well as few edible ones such as the native diddle dee berry or teaberry, to be found proving that Darwin’s description of the vegetation as” wiry grass and … monotonous brown colour” was rather harsh.

Why not try the Falkland Islands as the latest wedding destination. The laws are relatively simple, and we at International Tours & Travel Ltd. can deal with all the ground arrangements for you – the actual location for the service, catering, accommodation, domestic flights to the honeymoon destination and other smaller details to make the whole event run smoothly. A backdrop of rocky cliffs, penguins surfing in on the waves to a deserted white sandy beach, dolphins frolicking in the shallows and bright blue skies – a perfect setting for a wedding.

The Falkland Islands are extremely photogenic and a paradise for anyone with the remotest interest in photography - regardless of whether the person behind the lens is an amateur or a professional. You will need plenty of memory/film for a visit to the Falklands, such is the extent of material that you will find to photograph here. Wildlife or watering holes, people or places, skylines or sea scenes there is an image around every corner. The light and colours are a photographer's dream and the fearless nature of the wildlife makes for extraordinary photographs.

The vibrant colours of nature and variety of landscape in the Falkland Islands make this an unrivalled destination for artists. With low edged light, silhouetted shapes at sunset, incredible skies and a never-ending choice of nature’s subjects for the artist to capture, is it any wonder that so many visitors class the Falklands as the perfect blend of hobby and holiday?

A fishing trip to the Falkland Islands is a unique experience and can provide a sport of the highest quality – our rivers have been compared to rivers in Scotland. You fish amidst spectacular scenery and amazing wildlife and relax in the warmth of comfortable lodges and cottages offering genuine Falklands hospitality.

When to Fish and The Catch

The sea trout season runs from 1 September to 30 April. Catches in the rivers are heavily influenced by rainfall with ideal spate conditions likely in September/October and March/April. Also at these times and during the intervening months the sea creeks and estuaries are good locations, especially as the tide starts to flood.
Falklands game fishing has developed quite recently compared to other parts of the world. Sea trout (Salmo trutta), common to northern Europe, was introduced to Falkland rivers only just fifty years ago and this fast growing migratory fish quickly established itself around the islands to provide some of the finest sea trout fishing available today. Their size, fighting qualities and seeming “lack of shyness” makes them attractive to fishermen. Sea trout of 2lbs to 7lbs are common with fish in excess of 10lbs taken every season. The current record of 22lbs 12.5ozs was taken by Alison Faulkner from the San Carlos on 25 March 1992.
Naturally rivers have their populations of resident brown or Falkland trout (Aplocheton Zebra) which, although generally smaller than their migratory cousins, provide fine sport on the appropriate tackle.
When fishing tidal waters it is very likely you will come into contact with the Falkland mullet (Eleginus Falklandicus Nototheniidae). Like the European species, it follows the tide into the shallows where it can be seen moving, usually with an obvious wake. However it is not related, being much larger and stronger with fish recorded in excess of 20 lbs. Locally it is much valued as a game fish taking bait, spinner of fly to provide an exciting surprise to the unsuspecting trout angler.

The rivers are well suited to fly fishing with treeless banks, however a strong wind often blows and medium or tip action rods rated AFTM 7, 8 or 9 are recommended. This also enables long casts in low water and bright conditions or when fishing the estuaries. The usual sea trout fly patterns are effective. Should you be inclined, a spinning rod for tidal work and mullet fishing would be a useful addition to your gear.
Visitors are encouraged to return all fish to the water. Rivers normally available are privately owned and in the absence of any contrary advice from the owner it should be assumed that a catch and release policy applies. It is strongly recommended that barbless hooks be used. The maximum number of fish allowed to be taken by a fisherman on any one day varies from river to river and should be ascertained from the guide/ghillie or landowner in advance.

- Warrah (West Falkland) You are accommodated in the comfortable lodge at Port Howard settlement. The guide transports you northwest some 12 miles away to the river winding its way through spectacular scenery. You can also fish its main tributary, Green Hill Stream, or make a short journey to Many Branch Creek to the north. There is excellent opportunity for success in the creeks nearby not only for sea trout but also for mullet.

- Chartres (West Falkland) This river can be fished from the Port Howard base, being some 1.5 hours drive away. Little Chartres Farm is the starting point. A fishing lodge is currently under construction at Little Chartres.

- Roy Cove (West Falkland) Relatively unexplored fishing grounds – try your hand on Herbert Stream and then relax at the end of the day in the comfortable cottage at Crooked Inlet Farm.

- San Carlos (East Falkland) This river can be fished from Stanley (2 hours by North Camp track) or more comfortably from Port San Carlos (20 minutes) where accommodation is available in a self-catering cottage (meal packs or alternative catering can be arranged on request). Although night fishing is not common practice in the Falklands, conditions on this river are ideal for it to be tried.

- Murrell (East Falkland) Located within 20 minutes drive of Stanley, this river was one of those stocked originally.

Read recommendations from a local fishing guide... click here to go the the Port Howard settlement page and find out more.

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