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Destination - Amazon

The two rivers adjacent to Manaus, the Rivers Negro and Solimoes merge to form the mighty Amazon River. The meeting of the waters from the two rivers means that the lighter waters of the River Solimoes run alongside the black waters of the River Negro for 6 kms before converging. This is one of the first sights you will see as you head out from Manaus into the rainforest. Here, the Amazon River is 1,600 km from the Atlantic and is 10 kms wide. This is the world’s largest jungle and densest rain forest, with more diverse plants and animals than any other jungle in the world. Discover the immense network of vegetation, waterways and lakes which is home to one tenth of the world’s plant and animal species, with many more yet undiscovered.

For the more adventurous traveller we recommend the 3 night tour to the Amazon Village. For those who enjoy a little more luxury and comfort we recommend a stay at the Amazon Eco Park or a traditional riverboat cruise on the Amazon Premium Clipper.

Rain occurs throughout the year in the Amazon but the wettest season is between December and May. It is hot all year and the humidity is at it’s highest during the wet season. During the wet season is the best time to experience the flooded forest when the river rises and brings boats and canoes up to eye level with the trees. June to November is drier and a great time to explore the forest on foot.

Wildlife watching activities begin early in the Amazon to see the sunrise and when the temperature is cooler and the animals more active. Afternoon excursions may continue into the evening as the nocturnal animals emerge. The wildlife that you will see in the Amazon will depend on many factors including luck but should include pink dolphins, caimans, monkeys, toucans, macaws and boa constrictors.

Suggested Itineraries

Amazon Village: 4 days / 3 nights
The Amazon Village is located just 30 minutes by minibus and 2 hours by boat from Manaus and is an excellent base for an interesting and comprehensive jungle adventure. The 21 wooden bungalows are built amongst the trees and the village is set on the banks of Lake Puraquequara. The accommodations are simple with thatched roof, twin beds, private bathrooms and a veranda with a hammock. There is no hot water and electricity is limited to the evening hours. Meals included are: dinner on the first day, breakfast on the last day and all meals on days 2 and 3. Knowledgeable guides will take you out on daily excursions. Maximum luggage allowance on the boat to and from the village is 5kg per person. Your additional luggage can be stored in Manaus.

Day 1: Manaus - Meeting of the Waters
Depart Manaus in the early afternoon for your journey into the Amazon passing by the phenomenon known as the ‘meeting of the waters’. A remarkable sight to see, where the lighter waters of River Solimoes meet the darker waters of the River Negro. In the evening after you have settled into the lodge, join your local expert guide for a nocturnal alligator spotting tour.

Day 2: Amazon
In the morning enjoy a jungle trek deep into the Amazon to discover the amazing flora, fauna and animal species that make their home here. Later in the afternoon enjoy an exploration of the area by canoe.

Day 3: Amazon
In the morning take a motorised canoe tour to visit the flooded forest and river inlets. Try your hand at fishing. During the afternoon visit a native dwelling to learn about their customs and way of life.

Day 4: Amazon - Manaus
In the morning return to Manuas by boat.


Amazon Ecopark Lodge 3 days / 2nights
Just 30 minutes by boat from Manaus and located on bank of the Taruma River, this comfortable lodge surrounded by dense primary forest, offers 60 rustic suites each with a hot shower, ceiling fan and air-conditioning. Delicious regional cuisine is served in the thatched panoramic restaurant. All activities are included with expert guides. Meals included are: dinner on the first day, all meals on day 2, breakfast and lunch on day 3.

Day 1: Manaus - Amazon
In the afternoon take the short journey by boat down the river to the unique Amazon Ecopark Lodge. On arrival visit the Monkey Rehabilitation Centre where you can view a variety of rare monkeys. In the evening join your expert guide for a nocturnal alligator spotting tour.

Day 2:  Amazon
Start the day with a hike through the jungle to understand the amazing flora and fauna that surrounds you. Visit a native dwelling to learn about their customs and life in the jungle. Try your hand at fishing before returning to the lodge.

Day 3:  Amazon - Manaus
Travel into the Amazon to visit the phenomenon of the ‘meeting of the waters’ at the confluence of the Negro and Solimoes rivers. A remarkable sight, not to be missed. After lunch at the floating restaurant return to Manaus, arriving late afternoon.


Amazon Premium Cruise: 4 days / 3 nights
A cruise is a romantic way to see the Amazon. Enjoy a seat on the shady deck as you navigate the Amazon River with the sounds of the jungle all around you. The Amazon Clipper Premium boat has been exclusively designed to offer comfortable cruising with spacious cabins throughout but at the same time it is small enough to be able to dock at remote locations inaccessible to many other boats. Outboard powered canoes are used for trips into the lagoons, creeks, channels and flooded forests.

Day 1: Manaus - Amazon
In the afternoon depart from the pier at the Tropical Hotel in Manaus and navigate towards the tributary of the River Negro. Enjoy a canoe trip at sunset as the change in the forest occurs with nightfall and nocturnal animals emerge.

Day 2:Cruise the Amazon
Escorted by an expert guide, start the day by enjoying a walk in the forest to discover the fauna and flora. Visit a local family to learn about life for them in the forest. In the afternoon navigate through the world’s largest freshwater island network, the Anavilhanas. In the evening you can take a night excursion to see caimans, sloths, snakes and other species, according to the time of year.

Day 3: Cruise the Amazon
Visit Novo Airao, a village with boat yards, handicrafts and a market. After lunch enjoy a refreshing swim on a white sandy beach before your canoe trip on Lake Acajatuba to see typical flora including brazil nuts, rubber trees and various palms. In the evening you will go fishing for piranhas and after dinner enjoy an excursion into the forest in search of nocturnal animals.

Day 4: Amazon - Manaus
Enjoy an early morning canoe trip for excellent bird watching opportunities on Lake Januari. Later you will pass the phenomenon ‘meeting of the waters’ before returning to the dock at the Hotel Tropical Manaus.


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