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Highlight - Tierra del Fuego Chile

At the very bottom of the Americas discover the magnificence of the Darwin Mountain range and the intricate channels and spectacular fjords of Tierra del Fuego. From the comfort of the Lakutaia Lodge you can explore the natural wonders of the southernmost end of the American continent.

Day 1: From Punta Arenas fly on Aerovias DAP to Puerto Williams.

During the flight enjoy the overwhelming views of amazing landscapes, the Straits of Magellan, the beautiful glaciers of the Darwin mountain range and the Beagle Channel. (Flight time will vary according to the aircraft available on the day, 50 minutes to 1:20 hr. Reception at aerodrome and short transfer to Lakutaia Lodge.

In the afternoon, take one of the excursions on offer and register for your prerferred activities, according to your interest, for the upcoming days.Dinner and accommodation at Lakutaia Lodge.

Days 2, 3 and 4: Outdoor adventures off the beaten track with lots of breathtaking scenery such as trekking in the southernmost trails of the world, navigating on the same waters that Charles Darwin did 200 years ago, observing miniature local forest, learning about the local birds, etc. According to the length of your stay participate in the different activities/excursions on offer at Lakutaia Lodge.

The excursion options are detailed below. Each activity is accompanied by a specialized guide and assisted by the lodge staff. Meals are included.

Omora Etno-Botanical Park Difficulty: Easy. Duration: 2.5 to 3 hours This excursion will lead you to discover the wonders of the Miniature Forests of Cape Horn Archipelago, through a so-called “Tourism with Hand Lens”. This is an educational activity sponsored by the Omora Foundation. A bio-cultural conservation initiative started by the local communities living in the last Sub-Antarctic forests, as well as the active commitment of the Yagan community living in Puerto Williams. Omora Park is located 3 kilometers (2 miles) west of Puerto Williams. Within the park the main habitats of the region are found: coigüe, lenga and ñirre forests, sphagnum peatlands, beaver wetlands and alpine areas. During the whole excursion you will be assisted by a specialized tour guide. The trails have signs that describe the biological and cultural features of the island in Spanish, Yagan, English and Latin-scientific languages. The park is an Omora foundation’s project, a non-governmental organization dedicated to bio-cultural conservation at the southernmost tip of South America and named after the Yagan word for hummingbird.

Trekking to Dientes de Navarino Look-out Point Difficulty: Moderate Duration: 4.5 to 5 hours. This excursion will lead you to the base of the Dientes de Navarino massif, where you will enjoy an over-whelming view of the end of the world, the Beagle Channel and Puerto Williams, surrounded by nature in its greatest splendor. Among forests and grasslands, walk up along a well-marked 3.5km (2 miles) trail. An interesting fact is to notice how the initial dense and wooded environment ends up in an “Alpine” ecosystem, mostly populated by lichens, mosses and other species adapted to wind and low temperatures. During this excursion you will also learn about the native flora such as orchids and the vast amount of local wild fruits. A light snack is included.

Hiking to Los Bronces Cascade Difficulty: Easy to moderate. Duration: 2.5 to 3 hours. Enjoy a hike towards Los Bronces River. Along the route, you will walk up through forests of lenga and calafate bushes, prairies in the middle of Cerro Róbalo. Upon arrival at Los Bronces Cascade, enjoy the amazing scenery and a revitalizing snack. At agreed time, hike down the hill to continue along the coast, enjoying the Beagle Channel landscape and observing different environments, each of them with its own bird fauna species.

Puerto Williams City Tour Difficulty: Easy. Duration: 2 hours Visit the village of Puerto Williams, the southernmost town in the world, named after Juan Williams, the founder of Fort Bulnes. Puerto Williams is the most populated area in Navarino Island, located at the end of the American continent, opposite the southern coast of Tierra del Fuego and north of Cape Horn. Puerto Williams currently has a population of 2,500 inhabitants. Throughout the tour, you will visit the interesting Marina Micalvi pier, landing site of ocean sailboats, and Martín Gusinde Museum containing the history of the indigenous Yagan and samples of the natural resources of the area. Gusinde was a world famous anthropologist and priest of the Order of the Divine Word that worked with Yagan and Ona communities from 1918 to 1923. Note: the museum is closed on Mondays. Saturdays and Sundays open in the afternoons only.

Kayaking the Beagle Channel Difficulty: Easy to moderate. Duration: 2.5 to 3 hours Enjoy a unique kayaking and rowing adventure along the sound and bay of the Beagle Channel, navigated by canoe nomads since ancient times. Sail along the Sound Lauta, Sound Micalvi, bordering the Punta Gusanos coast, which is the nesting site of thousands of seagulls and several species of geese. You will then pass by the fishing cove and Marina Micalvi pier, landing site of ocean sailboats. Full equipment included (neoprene suit, gloves, ankle boots, waterproof protector, life vest), snack and a certified expedition guide. * Previous kayaking and swimming experiences are not required for this excursion.

Hike to Punta Gusanos - Bird Watching Difficulty: Easy. Duration: 2 hours Brief transfer to the starting point of the hike. This excursion borders the peninsula at the north end of Puerto Williams Bay, offering exclusive views of Puerto Williams and the Beagle Channel. This narrow piece of land at the end of the peninsula is the nesting site for thousands of Dominican and Austral seagulls, Pilpilen, and many geese species. You will be able to appreciate and experience an emotional and close encounter with this winged multitude. This hike will allow you to surround the peninsula in order to enjoy the pleasure of the sea… and wind as usual! Note: Nesting and breeding of chicks take place from the second half of November upto the beginning of March.

Horseback riding Difficulty: Easy. Duration: 2 horas Experience horseback riding in the southern-most landscapes of the Americas for 2 hours or longer according to your interests, passing by the sub-Antarctic forests and bordering the Beagle Channel. Note: This excursion includes proper equipment, and it is suitable for participants with previous basic experience.

Included in the program:• Accommodation in comfortable single, double or triple rooms. • Breakfast, lunch and dinner during the entire program including one beverage per person (mineral water or soft drink or one glass of wine or one beer). • Specialized bilingual guide during excursions (English/Spanish). • Bicycles upon request. • Several excursions during the length of your stay. • Airport taxes and flights round-trip from Punta Arenas.

Not included: • Extra beverages not mentioned above. • Travel/accident insurance. • Tips.

Suggested Clothing:  It is recommended to dress in layers such as, thermal top, a sweater and a parka, hat and gloves. It is also important to bring water-proof hiking boots.

Important: All activities and excursions are subject to weather conditions.

Luggage allowance Punta Arenas-Puerto Williams round-trip is 10kg checked and 5kg carry-on.

Please contact us for further information and a quotation for your adventure to the bottom of the world se.itt@horizon.co.fk

Highlight - Tierra del Fuego Chile
Highlight - Tierra del Fuego Chile
Highlight - Tierra del Fuego Chile
Highlight - Tierra del Fuego Chile
Highlight - Tierra del Fuego Chile
Highlight - Tierra del Fuego Chile
Highlight - Tierra del Fuego Chile
Highlight - Tierra del Fuego Chile
Highlight - Tierra del Fuego Chile
Highlight - Tierra del Fuego Chile
Highlight - Tierra del Fuego Chile
Highlight - Tierra del Fuego Chile

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