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Highlight - Rio de Janeiro, Pantanal and Iguazu Falls

Day 1 - Rio de Janeiro

Transfer Rio de Janeiro Airport – Hotel – Private Service with English speaking guide. 

Day 2 - Río de Janeiro (B/L)

Full day Corcovado and Sugar Loaf with lunch (train tickets included) Excursion – Shared service with English speaking guide. One of the Seven Wonders of the World, the magnificent Christ the Redeemer, the iconic statue on top of Corcovado Hill, Rio’s most famous landmark. The Corcovado Hill is part of the Tijuca Forest, the largest urban forest in the world. On the way to the top is the Dona Marta belvedere, from where is possible to see the Maracanã Stadium, the famous Guanabara Bay and the beautiful Sugar Loaf mountain. Once at the top of Corcovado Hill, it is possible to admire breath-taking views of Copacabana, Ipanema, Leblon, Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon and the Botanical Garden. Every year, over a million tourists visit the international famous Pão de Açúcar (Sugar Loaf Mountain), an iconic symbol of the city of Rio de Janeiro. Its name was given due to it’s resemblance of the traditional shape of a refined sugar loaf. The journey to the top is made in glass cable-cars. The first cable-car takes passengers to the top of Urca Hill, which rises 215 meters above sea level and offers spectacular views of the entire bay and its surrounding islands. At Urca Hill, passengers take the second cable car to the top of Sugar Loaf, which rises 395 meters above sea level and offers a 360 degree view of the entire city including Botafogo and Copacabana Beaches, Corcovado Hill and Rio’s downtown. This tour departs the hotel after breakfast to visit the most famous landmarks sites of the city and see the natural beauty of Rio from above. After a scenic drive along Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, guests arrive at the bottom of Corcovado Hill. They embark on a comfortable train that ascends the mountain and reaches the statue of Christ the Redeemer, located 2,300ft above sea level. Once at the top, they can use the panoramic elevators or escalators to get to the foot of the statute, as well as enjoy a panoramic view of Rio de Janeiro. After that, they descend the mountain and head to the Sugar Loaf Mountain, where they join the two stages of the cable-car to get to the top of the hill and appreciate the 360 degree view of Rio de Janeiro. The next stop is a barbecue restaurant for a delicious lunch - Brazilian style.

Day 3 - Río de Janeiro (B)

Full-Day Petropolis Tour – Shared service with English speaking guide. Petrópolis first started as a farm with a summer residence of the imperial family of Brazil. Nowadays, it has maintained the imperial atmosphere in its architecture and low temperature, as it is located up in a hill surrounded by nature. The city is famous for its museums, cultural activities, places for shopping and organization of conventions and events. With trails, waterfalls and natural beauties, it also offers great options to be in contact with nature. This is a tour around the city to appreciate colonial constructions, visit the museum and also the Quitandinha Palace which was built to be the largest casino hotel in South America.

Day 4 - Río de Janeiro / Cuiabá / Pantanal (B/D)

Transfer Hotel – Rio de Janeiro Airport – Private Service with English speaking guide. 

Transfer Cuiabá Airport – Pousada do Rio Mutum – Shared service. (3.5 hours journey time approx.) Overnight in: Pousada do Rio Mutum. Dinner included.

Located 130 km from Cuiabá, the capital of Mato Grosso, the Pousada Rio Mutum is a beautiful eco-resort that is perfect for nature lovers and sport-fishing enthusiasts. Nestled in one of the lushest regions of the Pantanal, the lodge provides access to hundreds of species of wild animals. There are several trails surrounding the lodge, and guests can participate in diverse excursions for discovering the most beautiful and mysterious places and animals, supported by experienced guides. In addition to an abundance of outdoor exploration activities, the hotel features a swimming pool, a TV room, and a hammock area situated amongst the mango trees. Other amenities include laundry service, a souvenir and convenience store, and boat services. Tour packages at the lodge include accommodations, meals (beverages excluded), transfers by road to and from the lodge, nature activities, and naturalist guides. Food and drinks. Guests can unwind with a drink at the poolside bar and enjoy delicious Pantanal cuisine at the lodge’s restaurant. The Pousada Rio Mutum offers 22 cottage-like guestrooms, all comfortable and tastefully decorated. Rooms are equipped with air conditioning, ceiling fans, a minibar, a hammock, and a private veranda. 

Days 5 - 8 - Pantanal (B/L/D) At leisure to enjoy the activities offered by the Lodge.

  • Trails around the inn to observe fauna and flora.
  • Horse riding through enclosed woods, crossing corbains and flooded areas.
  • Canoe rides through the floodwaters. Departures at dawn to enjoy the sunrise and the awakening of life in the Pantanal.
  • Boat or Jeep safaris for observation of nocturnal animals.
  • Jeep or boat trips and safaris that cover more than 50 km, in total immersion in nature, for observation of the local fauna and flora.
  • Visit Cuiabá-Mirim, a riverside community located on the banks of the Cuiabá River where the culture and customs of the pantaneiro man are presented.
  • Motor boat trips through the bays and corixos, to observe the fauna and flora that inhabit its banks, with a stop for appreciation of the sunset and the famous piranha fishing.
  • Photo safari on the Mutum River with its rare and unique beauty.

Day 9 – Pantanal / Cuiabá / Sao Paolo (B)

Transfer Pousada do Rio Mutum – Cuiabá Airport – Shared service. Departure: 07.00 (3.5 hours journey time approx.) Overnight in: Sao Paulo Airport Hotel.

Day 10 - Sao Paolo / Foz do Iguaçú / Puerto Iguazú (B)

Transfer Foz do Iguaçú Airport – Hotel in Puerto Iguazú. Private Service with English speaking guide. Half-Day Brazilian Falls Excursion - Shared Service with English speaking guide. Entrance fee included The Brazilian Falls are located on the western side of the Paraná State in Brazil. They were declared a Natural World Heritage in the year 1986 by UNESCO. This Brazilian park with 185,000 hectares (458,000 acres) borders the Argentinean National Park and they are divided by the Iguazu River. Both parks make this region one of the largest natural protected areas in South America. The tour starts at the Visitors’ Center, designed to be the access to the park. The building functions as an embarking and disembarking station for visitors. In order to be able to start the circuits along the catwalk floors, every visitor must take one of the modern panoramic view busses so as to move safely within the park. The length of the catwalk floors is 1,200 meters (0.8 miles) from where it is possible to get a breath-taking view of the 275 waterfalls. The four main rapids on the Brazilian side are: Floriano, Deodoro, Benjamín Constant and Salto Unión or The Devil´s Throat. At the end of the path everyone will get on a panoramic elevator that will take them to the bus units. 

Day 11 - Puerto Iguazú (B)

Full-Day Argentinean Falls Excursion - Shuttle Service with English speaking guide. Iguazú National Park (AR) - Entrance Fee included. The park was created in 1934 with the main aim to protect the majestic Iguazu Falls. In 1984, the UNESCO declared this place a Natural World Heritage site due to the beauty of the scenery and the biological diversity in this subtropical rainforest. The visit to the Iguazu National Park can be done via three circuits and on catwalks, best known as Lower Path, Higher path and the Devil´s Throat Path. The Lower Path is a 1,200-metre-walk (0.8 miles) that gives a great view of the majority of the rapids and falls from a front and lower point of view. The distances range from a bird’s eye point of view of The Devil’s Throat together with several Brazilian rapids, to spectacular close-ups to other falls. This walk has some higher difficulty level due to the number of steps along the way. (Approximate duration: 2 hours). The Higher Path is a 1,300-metre-walk (0.9 miles) that will raise every visitor´s adrenaline level because of the vertigo of being at the edge of some waterfalls. This walk has breath-taking sceneries from a cliff-point outlook and this is the less demanding walk of the three traditional ones. There are no steps along the way. (Approximate duration: 1 hour). The Devil’s Throat has to be accessed via the Ecological Jungle Train, and everyone must get off at the stop named after this waterfall. From there, it is a stroll along the catwalk which is a winding path that goes around the islands for 1,100 meters (0.7 miles) and ends in the large balconies located on the edge of falls. There are no steps along the path. (Approximate duration: 2 hours). Departure Time: 08.30 am.

Day 12 - Depart Puerto Iguazú 

Transfer Puerto Iguazú Hotel - Airport - Private Service - Guide Included. 

This itinerary can be quoted according to your preferred hotel category in Rio de Janeiro and Iguazu.

Highlight - Rio de Janeiro, Pantanal and Iguazu Falls
Highlight - Rio de Janeiro, Pantanal and Iguazu Falls
Highlight - Rio de Janeiro, Pantanal and Iguazu Falls
Highlight - Rio de Janeiro, Pantanal and Iguazu Falls
Highlight - Rio de Janeiro, Pantanal and Iguazu Falls
Highlight - Rio de Janeiro, Pantanal and Iguazu Falls
Highlight - Rio de Janeiro, Pantanal and Iguazu Falls
Highlight - Rio de Janeiro, Pantanal and Iguazu Falls
Highlight - Rio de Janeiro, Pantanal and Iguazu Falls
Highlight - Rio de Janeiro, Pantanal and Iguazu Falls
Highlight - Rio de Janeiro, Pantanal and Iguazu Falls
Highlight - Rio de Janeiro, Pantanal and Iguazu Falls
Highlight - Rio de Janeiro, Pantanal and Iguazu Falls
Highlight - Rio de Janeiro, Pantanal and Iguazu Falls

St Helena


Antarctica & South Georgia

Rio de Janeiro - Pantanal and Iguazu Falls