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Highlight - Andean Triangle


Day 1     Santiago de Chile
Transfer Santiago de Chile Airport - Hotel - OW Private Service – with English speaking guide.

Upon arrival at Santiago International airport, you will be met by our representative and escorted to your hotel. Our representative will assist you with check-in procedures and provide you with a detailed itinerary, covering all the services included in your tour and additional information on the organization of your Chile trip. You will also receive a contact information sheet with all the hotel details as well as our offices contact information and a 24-hour emergency number. Overnight in Santiago de Chile.

Day 2     Santiago de Chile
Cultural City Tour – Private Service with English speaking Guide.

Santiago is the perfect blend of old and modern, that is why we invite you to visit this city.
Starting at the San Cristobal hill, our guide will you show the immensity of the city; its geography and urban setting. We will walk to the Plaza de Armas (Main Square), where we will visit the Cathedral, the Post Office and Santiago City Hall. Next, we head to the Government Palace and also visit a few older neighbourhoods of Santiago. One of them is Plaza Concha y Toro, known for its cobblestone streets and old mansions that reflect the elegance and wealth of its early 20th century inhabitants.

We then head east; where we will see modern buildings and the changes they have brought to the neighbourhoods, ending our tour at a handicraft store, where we enjoy a Pisco Sour while we admire the lapis lazuli jewellery, a stone that is only found in Chile and Afghanistan. Overnight in Santiago de Chile.

Day 3     Santiago de Chile
Viña del Mar & Valparaiso - Private Service with guide.
From Santiago, we’ll travel through the valleys of Curacaví and Casablanca to get to Valparaiso (1.5 hrs of Santiago) also called the "Pearl of the Pacific". Enjoy this wonderful city, full of tradition and history. At the foot of the hills, we will check on the Plaza Sotomayor, the main square, right in front of the port. We will also wander through the city ́s plazas, passages and lifts. Once on the higher level, you will enjoy walking across the Alegre and Concepcion hills and strolling along the Yugoslav and Gervasoni Promenades where the famous Cafe Turri and the home of renowned cartoonist Lukas are located. You will pass by a large number of traditional alleys to get across the Cerro Alegre.

We then go on a panoramic visit of the neighbouring city of Viña del Mar, that once sheltered the cream of Chile ́s society and is characterized by its beautiful parks and beaches.The coastal area of Isla Negra shelters another house of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, who won the Nobel Prize in literature in 1971 and is considered one of the best and more influential poets of the 20th century. His home was made of stone and wood, and resembles a large ship. Today is has been turned into a museum and Neruda and his third wife, Matilde Urrutia, are buried there. Overnight in Santiago de Chile.

Day 4     Santiago de Chile / Atacama
Transfer Santiago de Chile Hotel - Airport - OW Private Service - with English speaking guide.
Transfer Calama Airport - Hotel – Shared Service - with English speaking guide.

Moon & Death Valleys - Private Service with English speaking guide.
In the afternoon, you will depart on an excursion to Moon Valley. Depart the hotel at around 17:00 to visit a place with beautiful shapes and colours located 8km from San Pedro de Atacama. You can walk and enjoy a great geological spectacle that has been repeatedly compared with the surface of the moon, with its angular geology and rocks sculpted by millenniums of erosion. Visit the salt caverns before climbing the mayor sand dune where the kaleidoscope of colours that appear over the Andes are just marvellous. Return to San Pedro de Atacama approx. 20:00. Overnight in Atacama.

Day 5     Atacama
Archeological ruins (Pucara de Quitor + Tulor Town) - Private Service with English speaking

In the morning, depart to visit the Pukara de Quitor, a 12th Century (pre-Inca) fortress which was strategically located and easily defended on all sides, until the Spanish arrival with the advantage of horses weakened it. Pukara de Quitor, partially restored in 1992, is one of the most complete and impressive of these early defensive measures.

Crossing the “Ayllos” or community farm areas, we arrive at Tulor, the site of the earliest known settlement in the area known as the “Aldea de Tulor”. This settlement is more than 2,000 years old and consists of circular dwellings interconnected by common passages and patios. Only part of the settlement is visible, the rest has been covered by the constantly moving desert sands. At an appropriate time return to San Pedro. Overnight in Atacama.

Day 6     Atacama
Tatio Geysers - Private Service with English speaking guide.
Wake up really early (departing at 4:00 am), from the hotel to the Geysers del Tatio located at 98kms from San Pedro and at 4.300 m.a.s.l. Arrive at the geysers around 6:30am to enjoy a picnic style breakfast and a guided stroll through this geothermal field to see the geysers and pools of boiling water and mud. The area takes on an almost surreal look at sunrise. Once the sun has risen and the thermal activity is calmed somewhat, we move to the area of the hot springs for a rejuvenating soak in 40°C water before beginning the return trip towards San Pedro. Overnight in Atacama.

Day 7     Atacama / Villa Mar
Transfer Atacama Hotel – Chilean Border with Bolivia – OW Private Service - with English speaking guide.

Departure of Hito Cajón towards Laguna Verde on the slopes of the volcano Llicancabur and through the Valley of Dali, Chalviri hot springs, continue the journey to the Geysers of the Sun Morning to admire the spectacular colors of hot mud, then to Laguna Colorada and tour around Laguna where you can appreciate the famous "JAMES FLAMINGOS" unique of its kind in the world and can appreciate the change of tone in the Laguna up to its red color, hence its name. Then continue to Villa Mar. Overnight in Villa Mar.

Day 8     Villa Mar / Uyuni Salt Flats
Breakfast. Transfer to Colchani passing by Alota visiting the Stones Valley, strange formations on the rocks due to erosion and winds. Crossing the Incahuasi Island (also known as Fish Island) where we will see the famous giant cactus, then we will see a salt processing plant, also we will see the process of salt extraction. Lunch will be served in the great salar.

Continue to Colchani and accommodation at the Hotel Palacio de Sal (selected from the most unusual 10 in the world and the top 10 travel and adventure), the first hotel in the world built entirely of salt. After dinner evening walk near the hotel. The sky at this latitude is considered one of the clearest in the world. Overnight in Uyuni Salt Flats.

Day 9     Uyuni Salt Flats / Tupiza
Breakfast. Moving towards Tupiza visiting on the way the mining center of Atocha, Tupiza arrival and accommodation at the Hotel Mitru (or similar). Short walk through the city. Lunch & dinner. Overnight in Tupiza.

Day 10  Tupiza / Purmamarca
Transfer Argentine border with Bolivia - Purmamarca – OW Private Service + English speaking guide.

After breakfast, we will depart to the Bolivian border to cross to Argentina. Our drive bring us down from the Bolivian high plateaus to the colorfull Argentinean northwest region. We will visit the Town of Humahuaca. Picturesque little town that gives the name to this beautiful gorge.

After some free time at the village (option for lunch) we will continue towards Tilcara to visit its Pucara, the most important archaeological site in Argentina. It is a fortress located on top of a hill that controls the valley with exceptional views. Short visit to the town of Tilcara perhaps with some free time to visit its interesting the Archaeological Museum. Overnight in Purmamarca.

Day 11  Purmamarca / Salta
Humahuaca Gorge (Drop off in Salta) – OW Private Service + English speaking guide.

Morning visit to Purmamarca Village where you will have time to look closely at the well-known Hill of the Seven Colours, the Church and the Craft Market on the square, and even taking a brief stroll visiting its narrow streets and get in touch with the locals. We may also do a short morning excursion towards the foothills of the seven colour mountain. Then, we continue south towards Jujuy leaving the Gorge behind we will experience the vegetation change as we reach the city of Jujuy. After lunch, on the route coming back to Salta city, you will look at La Paleta del Pintor (Paintor’s Palette) framing the town of Maimara and Purmamarca. Return to Salta city. Overnight in Salta.

Day 12  Salta
Day at leisure. Overnight in Salta.

Day 13  Salta / Buenos Aires
Transfer Hotel - Salta Airport - OW Private Service + English speaking guide
Transfer Domestic Airport - Hotel - OW Private Service + English speaking guide

Overnight in Buenos Aires.

Day 14  Buenos Aires
City Tour - Private Service with English speaking guide.

Then, depart on a guided tour to the most important places in Buenos Aires. The tour includes the Metropolitan Cathedral, Government House and the area of Plaza de Mayo. You will be at the heart of the Tango activity where this sensuous dance is performed in the street for passers-by to enjoy in the traditional neighbourhood of San Telmo, where this typical dance dwells.

Then you will visit La Boca and stop at this colourful suburb of the city adopted years ago, as his home by the first Italian immigrants. Today is home for important artists. Then, a visit to Palermo is scheduled, a residential neighbourhood with parks and elegant buildings. Finally, you will visit the sophisticated Recoleta, one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods in which among other attractions, you can take a look at the famous cemetery alongside fine restaurants and cafes. Overnight in Buenos Aires

Day 15  Buenos Aires
Dinner Tango Show at Café de los Angelitos - Plateas Seats – RT Shuttle not guided transfers supplied by the Tango House.

Departure Time: 8.00 pm “Cafe de los Angelitos” is a live witness of more than one hundred years of Buenos Aires history with a parade of the most outstanding personalities of the political and artistic atmosphere from the 20th century.

The mystical coffee house, inaugurated in 1890 with name of Bar Rivadavia by the Italian Bautisto Fazio, became a meeting point for “compadritos” (swaggerers) and “malandras” (scoundrels) towards the end of the 19th Century. With rudimentary premises and a dirt floor, the place was a scenario for the verbal duels of gaucho minstrels Gabino Ezeiza, Higuito Cazon and Jose Betinotti Remodeled again following an ambitious architecture project, conformed by three levels, it exhibits luxury and distinction every night with 21 artists that perform this live show. Overnight in Buenos Aires.

Day 16  Buenos Aires
At the set time transfer to International Airport – OW Private Service + English speaking guide.

Highlight - Andean Triangle
Highlight - Andean Triangle
Highlight - Andean Triangle
Highlight - Andean Triangle
Highlight - Andean Triangle
Highlight - Andean Triangle
Highlight - Andean Triangle
Highlight - Andean Triangle
Highlight - Andean Triangle
Highlight - Andean Triangle
Highlight - Andean Triangle
Highlight - Andean Triangle
Highlight - Andean Triangle
Highlight - Andean Triangle
Highlight - Andean Triangle
Highlight - Andean Triangle
Highlight - Andean Triangle
Highlight - Andean Triangle
Highlight - Andean Triangle
Highlight - Andean Triangle

St Helena


Antarctica & South Georgia

Andean Triangle