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Flight Information

Our extensive knowledge on routes and airfares to and from the Falklands means that we can provide you with excellent advice and very competitive fares. Free quotations are available from and to any destination world-wide.


Travel round-trip to the Falklands from Chile (Saturdays only)
Santiago 07:45 Falklands 13:55
Falklands 14:55 Santiago 21:05
Punta Arenas 12:15 Falklands 13:55
Falklands 14:55 Punta Arenas 16:40

Please contact us for a quotation for fares from/to Chile.

On the second Saturday of each month you can board the flight at Rio Gallegos in Argentina.
On the third Saturday of each month you can disembark in Rio Gallegos. If you are traveling to the Falklands from any point beyond South America please allow us to provide you with a quotation from your home city. Nearly always, it is more economical to place your entire schedule on one ticket than to purchase a combination of two or more airfares.

London / Falklands

LATAM schedule from London to the Falklands
Thursday: Heathrow 17:35 Madrid 20:55
Thursday: Madrid 23:55 Santiago 09:45 Friday
Saturday: Santiago 07:45 Falklands 13:55

LATAM schedule from the Falklands to London
Saturday: Falklands 14:55 Santiago 21:05
Sunday: Santiago 20:45 Madrid 13:25 Monday
Monday: Madrid 14:55 Heathrow 16:20


LATAM schedule from London to the Falklands 
Thursday: London Heathrow 22:15 Sao Paolo 06:05 Friday
Friday Sao Paolo 07:35 Santiago 10:35 
Saturday: Santiago 07:45 Falklands 13:55

LATAM schedule from the Falklands to London Heathrow
Saturday: Falklands 14:55 Santiago 21:05
Sunday: Santiago 15:55 Sao Paolo 20:35
Sunday Sao Paolo 23:50 London Heathrow 15:05 Monday

Please contact us for a quotation for fares from the United Kingdom and from other European cities via the LATAM gateways of Frankfurt and Madrid or via the LATAM gateway of Sao Paolo.

For the obligatory one night stop-over each way in Chile we can offer you round-trip airport/hotel transfers and accommodation in both Santiago and Punta Arenas. The airport transfers can be provided with an English speaking guide if required.


From USA to the Falkland Islands
Please contact us for our very competitive airfares from the United States to the Falklands via the USA gateways of Miami, New York, Los Angeles and Dallas.

Round The World Fares

This type of fare represents very good value and the ticket is valid for one year from the date of the first flight. You can choose a ticket which covers 4, 5 or 6 continents.    
Continents: South America, North America, Europe, Africa, Far East and Australasia.
You are permitted a total of 16 flights on your itinerary
4 free flights are permitted in any continent.
Travel must be in a continuous forward direction.
Travel must be via the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and only one crossing of each ocean is permitted.
Back-tracking is only permitted within a continent (and not between continents).
Please contact us for your preferred stop-over destinations so we can assist you to plan your Round The World journey.

Antarctica & South Georgia